Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels

High quality products for the Grinding and Polishing industries and Surface conditioning

Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels

Grinding Wheels are used to achieve precise finishing and tight geometry tolerances. Common applications in manufacturing of cutting tools, automotive components (camshafts and crankshafts), aerospace components, Sapphire products and Ceramics.

Diamond and CBN grinding wheels are used in variety of grinding applications on hard materials. Precision grinding can be used in either wet or dry processes.

  • High removal rates
  • Extremely accurate
  • Long wheel life
  • Wide range of Grinding Wheels / Applications
  • Natural Diamond or Synthetic Diamond Grits

Matching the right Grinding Wheel for each application

Metal Bond Grinding Wheels

Metal bond grinding wheels have excellent wear resistance, its strength keep accurate shape during the grinding process and maintains long tool life.

Metal bond grinding wheels are typically used in cut-off applications and grinding glass, ceramic, as well as steels and profile grinding in carbides.

We offer the basic types of Metal Bonds:

  • Bronze based – soft / medium-hard bond
  • Steel Based – very hard bond

Resin Bond Grinding Wheels

Resin Bonds are known for high-cutting-efficiency. They are highly versatile and may be used in a variety of applications, in either wet or dry processes. Applications: Tool making, Optics, and others.

Resin bond is durable with excellent grinding ability, high removal rates, minimal chipping, long wheel life and overall great performance/price ratio.

We offer the following types: Resin, Resin / Metal, Hybrid, Ceramic

Electroplated Grinding Wheels

Electroplated wheels are precision engineered and bring stable performance in grinding accuracy and grinding ability meeting the high demands of Tool Grinding and a variety of other applications in Hard metals, Sapphires and other composite materials.

Electroplated wheels are the best choice for Profile grinding.

Electroplated Grinding Wheels can be re-plated.
Once the use is causing erosion of the electroplated diamond layer, it can be stripped off and re-plated, thus achieving long wheel life.

Diamond / CBN Grits – Comparison Table

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