Optical Sapphire Domes and Windows

Tools for Optical Precision Manufacturing


Precision manufacturing of Hi-end Optics & Sapphires is applied in various industries, such as Aerospace, Military, Marine and Medical Applications.

Sapphire is an excellent choice of material for high-performance optics due to its unique characteristics of toughness. extreme hardness, high strength, and fracture toughness. However, fabrication of these unique characteristics is very challenging and requires special Tooling.

DiaPoint’s Top quality, grinding, polishing and finishing tools enable precision manufacturing of Optics & Sapphire products. Achieving superior quality and best performance of Optical products in leading industries, such as Aerospace, Military and Medical applications.

Diapoint have gained vast experience in supplying electroplated tools for profiling Sapphire domes from Sapphire blocks. Diapoint supplies metal or resin bonded Scooping Tools, Shaping Tools, Drills for Sapphire and Quartz and Tools for fine grinding of Aspheres.

Additionally, we provide Diamond Slurry and Pastes for lapping, polishing and finishing Optical surfaces .

Common applications for the Optical, Aerospace and Defense industries:

Sapphire domes  |  Sapphire windows  |  Lenses  |  Prisms  |  Beam Splitters | Stainless steel Mirrors  |  Optical Filters

Typical Application for Optics & Sapphires

Sapphire domes

  • Air-to-Air / Air to Surface missile sapphire domes
  • Surface-to-Surface / Anti-Tank missile sapphire domes
  • Sapphire domes for missiles warning & protection systems
  • Hyper Hemi-Spherical Sapphire Domes for DIRCM / CIRCM applications

Sapphire windows

  • Anti-Ballistic Missiles
  • Targeting & Reconnaissance Pods/UAV payloads
  • Missile warning & protection systems/HLS


  • Glass lenses, Acrylic & Polymer lenses, Minerals Lenses (germanium and sapphire)
  • Medical Application
  • HLS applications, Defense & Security systems, Weaponry systems