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Top Quality Grinding, Polishing & Finishing Tools

DiaPoint is a manufacturer and global provider of high quality products for the grinding and polishing industries and surface conditioning.


We manufacture Diamond Dressing Tools and Diamond Pastes since 1975 and provide a wide range of Grinding, Polishing and Finishing Tools. Our product range includes: Diamond Dressing Tools, Diamond Pastes and Slurries, Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels, Diamond Powders and others.

DiaPoint is a leading supplier for the Israeli Industries such as Aviation, Optical, Medical, Defense and Automotive. We believe that customer satisfaction is top priority and we are always attentive to customer’s needs and special requirements. Our reputation is built on providing high standard products, guaranteed service and complete customer satisfaction.

Common Applications:

  • Aviation’s precise metal components
  • Mold Tool Polishing and Finishing
  • Precision Engineering Deburring & Finishing
  • Optical Sapphire domes and windows
  • Metallurgical Labs
  • Fabrication Finishing
  • Metal Casting Finishing

The Team

Oron Golkarov – Managing Director

Oron took over Diapoint on 2013, and since then manage the day-to-day activity, working closely with the Israeli Manufacturing Industries of Aerospace, Defense, Plastic Molds, Optical and Medical.

Formerly Oron worked in the manufacturing facility of Tagor-Plast Ltd. (Plastic injection & molds) and prior to that he served as a Technician for HLS Perimeter Protection Systems, and previously as software & algorithm developer.

Oron is also an enthusiastic photographer alongside his passion for filming and himself participating in car racing.

Zvika Golkarov – Development and Production Manager

Over 30 years of experience in various managerial positions in the Israeli Manufacturing Industry.

Currently alongside DiaPoint – Diamond Tools, managed by his son Oron Golkarov, Zvika is the VP Operation at MDT – Diamond Technologies. Previously he served as R&D manager and later as Manufacturing Manager at Deldent Ltd. (Dental Medical Products).

Zvika’s technical background covers electronic and mechanical engineering, manufacturing processes of high accuracy mechanical parts, mechanical parts for the medical industry, and more.