Aviation & Aerospace

High Performance, Precision and Safety

Aviation and Aerospace Applications

The Aerospace/Aviation Industry requires tooling for precision manufacturing. The tools used for Polishing, Grinding and Finishing processes on hard metals, alloys, and special materials. Using Dressers, Diamond Pastes, Grinding wheels – is common, both in manufacturing as well as in maintenance service workshops.

Precision manufacturing in the Aviation industry requires Optimum Precision Tools, which are critical to guarantee the high-performance and safety standards. Typical applications include: metal components with very high accuracy, complex assemblies, sub-assemblies

Common applications are:​​

Engine Shafts | Gearboxes | Lift Systems | Tungsten Components | High Precision Tool | Tools for Hard Metals

DiaPoint’s Top quality, grinding, polishing, and finishing tools enable precision manufacturing of Tools for ‘high precision manufacturing’ in the Aerospace industry.

Achieving superior quality and best performance of high accuracy metal parts in complex assemblies and sub-assemblies for airplanes, drowns, spaceships & satellites.

Typical Application for Aviation

ENGINE SHAFTS – Engine Gearbox Driveshaft, Turbine Engines Shafts for High & Low Pressure, Gearbox  and Gears for all sorts of airplanes, from UAV to Commercial and Military Jets

GEARBOXES – Parallel shaft, planetary, speed reducers and increasers; spur, bevel and helical gears, straight bevel gears, involute splines, internal spur gears and splines.

HIGH LIFT JOINTS AND TRANSMISSIONS – Universal Joints (U, Booted, Plunging, Diaphragm couplings, steady bearing and Articulating). Transmissions and Gearboxes, Lever Bearing Arms and Long and Short shafts for rotary actuation.

TUNGSTEN COMPONENTS – flight safety products, weight balance tungsten-based heavy metals. Used in wing fuselage, rudder (vertical) and elevator (horizontal) stabilizers, helicopter rotors, propellers.