Metallurgical Labs

Top Quality Diamond Pastes & Slurries

Metallurgical Labs

Metallurgical Labs perform material preparation for testing. Amongst its applications are Precision Testing, Mechanical and Metallurgic testing, Product Failure, Material Integrity, etc.

In the process of Material Preparation and equipment for Precision Testing, the Labs need high quality and affordable supplies for cutting, mounting, grinding and polishing.

It is common to use Diamond Pastes, Slurries, Abrasive Powders and other Polishing Compounds and Cutting Discs.

Common applications are:​​

Mechanical Testing | Failure Analysis | Metallurgical Test | Fracture Testing | Metal Integrity | PCB Testing

DiaPoint’s supplies Top Quality Diamond Pastes, Slurries and Abrasive Powders for Metallurgical Labs and Metallurgical testing processes.

Our products are used in variety of applications and labs, including the PCB manufacturing in the electronic industry – in the prep of PCB specimens.

Achieving superior quality and best performance of Metal and Plastic products in leading industries, such as Aerospace, Military and Medical applications.