Precision Manufacturing - Deburring & Finishing

Deburring Tools & Diamond Pastes for High-Quality Finishing

Precision Manufacturing - Deburring & Finishing

Precision Manufacturing of metal parts is required in a wide range of industries, such as: Aviation, Aero-Space, Automotive, Medical, Plastic Molds, Tool Manufacturing and more.

Removal of burrs in these processes is critical in many of the lapping and polishing processes. In most machining operations the components become burred. Reaching the final required quality of the component is critical to ensure proper assembly and prevention of parts failure or break off of material during its working life. In the Deburring process we remove any sharp edges left on metal parts from cutting tools or grinding wheels during the machining operation.

Deburring Tools and Polishing Pastes are used for this final process in precision manufacturing. The Deburring range include tools for deburring after face-milling, end milling and drilling; threading and drilling, and also polishing brushes to remove cutter marks on top surfaces, sides, inner diameters and channels.

The Polishing Diamond Pastes are formulated for high-quality polishing, providing fast stock removal with superior surface finish, thus resulting in better quality components.

Common applications are:​​

Deburring  |  Surface Polishing |  Cutter Mark Removal  |  After Face Milling  |  After End Milling | After Drilling | Stock Removal | Superior Face Polishing

DiaPoint’s Top quality, Deburring & Finishing Tools and Diamond-Pastes, for Precision-Manufacturing of  metal parts. 

Achieving superior quality, proper component fit to assembly and best performance – as required in leading industries, such as Aviation, Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Molds and Tool-making.