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Matching the right Diamond Paste for various applications:​

Typical Application for Optics & Sapphires

Sapphire domes

  • Air-to-Air / Air to Surface missile sapphire domes
  • Surface-to-Surface / Anti-Tank missile sapphire domes
  • Sapphire domes for missiles warning & protection systems
  • Hyper Hemi-Spherical Sapphire Domes for DIRCM / CIRCM applications

Sapphire windows

  • Anti-Ballistic Missiles
  • Targeting & Reconnaissance Pods/UAV payloads
  • Missile warning & protection systems/HLS


  • Glass lenses, Acrylic & Polymer lenses, Minerals Lenses (germanium and sapphire)
  • Medical Application
  • HLS applications, Defense & Security systems, Weaponry systems
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