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Matching the right Diamond Paste for various applications:

Oil or Water Soluble?

Oil Soluble diamond paste

For use on hard materials –
Ceramics, Sapphires, Hardened Steels  and Tungsten Carbide.
High thermal stability
Available from 1/8 micron to 90 micron

Water Soluble diamond paste:

Recommended for Electronic Applications.
Ideal for use on Polishing Pads.
Available from 1/8 micron to 90 micron

Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline Diamond?

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Concentration Level?

Choosing the level of Concentration is dependent upon the application and the preferred working style… [לכתוב הסבר בעברית אן למצוא מקור טוב באנגלית]High Concentration – provides less aggressive cutting, finer finish and lower wheel wear.Low Concentration – provides more aggressive cutting, coarser finish and potentially higher wheel wear.

Diamond Pastes Applications

[טבלה/רשימת אפליקציות + הסבר קצר על סוג המשחה המתאים]

[צור קשר להתייעצות לא מחייבת…]

Quality Control of Particle size

In order to guarantee the tightest possible particle size distribution within every batch, DiaPoint uses a wide range of processes designed to ensure that customers receive consistent product, batch after batch, ensuring consistent finish and removal rates.