Mold Tool Polishing and Finishing

Tools and Materials for High-quality Tools and Mold-making

Mold Tool Polishing and Finishing

Diapoint supplies Tools and Materials for the Tooling and Molding for the plastic industry.   Plastic injection molding, either single cavity or multiple cavities molds, requires precision manufacturing. Following the Mold-design, usually made by an industrial designer or mechanical engineer, moulds are made by a mould-maker from metal, steel or aluminum. The process of mold-making requires precision-machining to form the features of the desired part.

Diapoint provides Tools for both Mold Manufacturing, as well as the repair and maintenance needed for the wear and deformation, caused during the injection and clamping cycles. Also, Diamond Pastes are provided for high polish and finishing.

Type of Molds:

Single Cavity | Multi-cavity | Hot system molds | Thin-walled products | Medical products

High-precision engineering products | Pressure-casting  | Aluminum casting

DiaPoint’s Top quality, grinding, polishing and finishing tools supports the requirements in manufacturing, repair and maintenance of Plastic Injection Molds and Tools. Assuring high-quality Molds for high quality products in leading industries, such as Electronics, Aerospace  and Medical industries.

Typical Molds

  • Single Cavity / Multi-cavity
  • Hot system molds
  • Molds for thin-walled products
  • Molds for medical products
  • Molds for high-precision engineering products
  • Pressure-casting — Zamak and magnesium
  • Aluminum casting