Automotive Industry

High Quality Products, Large Volume Manufacturing

Automotive Industry applications

The automotive industry is a complex quality industry and is by far the largest market for precision machined parts.

Manufacturers in the Automotive industry meet great challenges of large volume manufacturing with very tight and demanding process control and high quality products.

Moreover, the manufacturers must maintain lean manufacturing whilst keeping up to advancements and innovations.


Common applications are:​​

Automotive Valves | Camshafts | Gear Shafts | Vehicle Lighting | Transmission systems 

DiaPoint’s Top quality, Grinding, Polishing and Finishing Tools for Efficient manufacturing of Metal components, Plastic components, Assemblies and Sub-assemblies. Also, enabling the manufacturing and maintenance of Precision Tools with a long service life and minimal dressing cycles.

Diapoint Diamond Tools are used for achieving superior quality and best performance of products in leading industries, such as Automotive, Aerospace, Military and Medical applications.